Sample Review: Elegance Costume Skin EX Foundation and Modeling Color Base EX UV

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm still looking for better foundations. ADDICTION Tinted Skin Protector had been my favorite but after using it for a month, I noticed it clogs my pores. It's probably because of its high SPF component.

I've tested cream and emulsion foundations from Albion Excia AL (will post a review soon) and the cream one was amazing. Definitely the best foundation I've ever tried, but it's pretty pricey ($200 for 30g/1oz). And I found some reviewers saying that Elegance cream foundation is similar to the Excia foundation so I thought I should give it a try. Elegance is a luxury makeup brand from Albion.

Elegance Costume Skin EX is a cream foundation that provides a good coverage. The creamy texture covers my pores very well; it gives a slightly dewy, poreless-looking finish which is indeed similar to Albion Excia foundation.

I got samples in two shades; IV302 and NA201. IV stands for Ivory, and IV shades have yellow undertone. NA is Natural which means a neutral shade. Elegance Costume Skin EX comes in 7 shades, NA201 is the lightest and has the most pink tone. IV302 is a medium beige and it matches my skin tone better than NA201 but a little dark. IV is also better for covering redness.

I set with Elegance La Poudre face powder on top. Lasting power is pretty good, 7-8 hours on me.

I highly recommend Costume Skin EX foundation for those who look for a foundation that creates flawless, doll-like skin. I always prefer foundations with higher coverage to sheer, natural-looking ones, and I think it's a pretty good product, but Albion Excia is the best... except the price.

The Elegance SA gave me some more samples. Modeling Color Base EX UV is a color-correcting foundation primer. It comes in 5 colors; pink, orange, green, white and beige. Each corrects and unifies the complexion. I tested orange and green, orange is for covering blemish and green corrects redness.

These two are sheer and green doesn't really correct redness around my nose perfectly, but if you're looking for something natural, it's not bad. Sometimes I use Givenchy Acti’Mine in Kiwi to cover redness, and I prefer it than Elegance green.

You can find Elegance Costume Skin EX here
and Elegance Modeling Color Base EX UV here

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