Review: BLANC & ECLARE Cosmetics - Mist, Serum and Eye Cream

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finally writing a review on Blanc & Eclare products! I actually purchased those in last December, yes it's six months ago. My life has been busy for the past few months and I finally took the TOEIC test at the end of last month for the first time. Hopefully I will be able to blog more from this month! (also I hope I'll get a good score in TOEIC.) I still have a lot to review and post.

Going back to Blanc & Eclare Cosmetics, it is a newly launched skincare line from Blanc & Eclare, a fashion brand created by Korean singer Jessica Jung. I've been a huge fan of her for years - I adore her singing and her style, as well as her beauty. And when she announced she would release cosmetics, I was like "I love Jessica and cosmetics! She is producing a skin care line! A dream came true!" So I ordered Serein Hydrating Mist, Serein Robust Ampoule Serum, and Serein Energizing Eye Cream right after it's released (I ordered the 1989 scarf as well at the same time and it came in the black gorgeous box in the picture above). I think it took 6 days to arrive in Japan. I've shopped a few times at B&E online, and when I ordered their new Ready to Wear summer collection last month it took only 3 days to receive my package. Great.

Well, first of all, I should tell that I have tested these skincare products only once on my face. All three products I bought have very strong fragrance in it, almost perfume-like, which can't be good for skin. So I'm afraid that these products will cause skin breakouts. However, the scent itself is clean and refreshing, not flowery one, so I use them for body.

Serein Hydrating Mist is a facial spray. Serein is a French word that refers to rain falling from a cloudless sky, and I saw it also has a meaning of "untroubled". This mist absorbs quickly, just like water. It adds a bit of moisture to the skin, but I think this mist is for refreshing, not hydrating.

Serein Robust Ampoule Serum is a very lightweight serum that contains Ceramide. It's packaged in a frosted glass bottle, and it looks more expensive than what it is.

The consistency is somewhere between gel and water, it absorbs into skin very well and doesn't feel greasy at all. The skin feels soft and refreshed.

Serein Energizing Eye Cream comes in a jar packaging with a plastic spatula. It retails at $50 for 30ml, and I personally feel that it is quite affordable for an eye cream.

It feels light on the skin, very light for an eye cream, I think. It's easily absorbed and leaves barely any residue. I apply it on my body, especially the elbows and the knees, and they look slightly hydrated. Recommended for those looking for a light, non-greasy eye cream.

I'm sorry for not doing a detailed review on these B&E products because I received some comments/messages when I posted a haul picture on my Instagram saying they're looking forward to read my thoughts about the products as there aren't many reviews on B&E cosmetics. I hope this post and these pictures are a little helpful. By the way, I'm thinking of reveiwing B&E fashion pieces I purchased as well! Thank you for reading this post. xo


  1. Thank you for the review! I've been wanting to read reviews about the skincare line. I'm looking forward to your Blanc and Eclare fashion reviews!

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