Review: ALBION White Chiffon Luminous Foundation in 050

Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm in love with this foundation! I use powder foundation when I want something light and quick, and Cle de Peau Beaute's Brightening Powder Foundation (reviewed here) was my favorite. I bought my second refill of it in March, and around that time my skin became dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is not a skin type, it's a condition when the skin lacks water yet still produces oil. My skin is oily on the surface and it looked very "shiny" with the Cle de Peau powder foundation which has a satin, glowing finish. And I found this White Chiffon Luminous powder foundation when I dropped by an Albion counter.

Albion White Chiffon Luminous was launched in March 2016, it's the reformulated version of White Chiffon. Albion also offers another powder foundation called Dressed Moisture Chiffon with moisturizing formula while White Chiffon Luminous is more resistant to sebum, water, and sweat. As I wrote above, my skin is now oily so I chose White Chiffon Luminous. The refill and compact are sold separately.

The compact case is made of light blue plastic, and I see very fine shimmers on the lid. The case comes with a mirror and a thick sponge inside.

I'm always matched to shade 050, the medium one among six shades, in Albion foundations.

The powder itself is quite soft and light that it was scattered when I tried to apply with a powder brush. Better to apply with the accompanying sponge, but still be careful to take the foundation gently, because it may pick up too much of powder if you take it forcefully.

Albion White Chiffon Luminous offers a medium coverage with semi-matte finish. For blemishes or dark circles you will require a concealer. I like how it looks natural, not "powdery," and feels light on the skin - it allows skin to breathe. If you don't like powder foundations for the reason they are not comfortable or drying on your skin, I would recommend you to try this product. The Albion SA says it's just a "powdered" liquid foundation, so it goes over the skin smoothly and blends seamlessly while hydrating skin.

It stays in place for a good 8 hours even on my oily skin. I've been testing some primers to use with, and so far Cle de Peau Beaute Correcting Cream Veil and Albion White Chiffon Luminous Primer (yes, just for this foundation - I got a sample when I bought the foundation) work perfectly. Albion White Chiffon Luminous Primer is lighter and may be better for summer.

Also, White Chiffon Luminous has SPF25 PA++ sun protection which is nice to carry around and use as a touch-up powder.

Here is color comparison between the powder foundations I own.

All Cle de Peau foundations have redness in them. Albion 050 is neutral shade and matches my medium skin tone more.

Recommended for anyone with any skin types who likes a semi-matte look that doesn't feel too drying.
You can purchase ALBION White Chiffon Luminous Foundation online here.

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