Sample Review: Albion Excia Embeage Skin Care

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's been a while! again. I had been busy working on my website, still in the process though. I took a break in May and traveled to Hong Kong for the first time. It was a great experience and I enjoyed a lot there, especially Hong Kong food was so much better than expected. After I got back from there, I moved to a new apartment in Tokyo. I love it here.

So today I'd like to share my review on some new luxury skincare products. I got these samples from Albion and used for a couple of days.

Albion launched their new skin care line called Excia Embeage in October 2016. There is another Excia skincare line called Excia AL (Excia AL Whitening) but Embeage is more high-performance and more luxurious as you may clearly see from the packaging. The navy/gold packaging is beyond gorgeous.

The Excia Embeage range is focused on DHEA, a natural hormone that produces multiple anti-aging benefits for your skin, such as antioxidant and anti-glycation effects. All products from the range (except Whitening Milk) is formulated with three active ingredients from Madagascar - 1. Centella Asiatica Extract, a plant-based ingredient that works to promote DHEA production, 2. Perichlaena Richardii Flower/Leaf Extract to promote cell growth and activate immunity, 3. White Ginger Lily works for SIRT3 to prevent cell death with purifying and sedative effects.

Albion Excia Embeage Milk is a milk lotion with velvety texture for intense long lasting hydration and skin softening. It's thick in consistency for an emulsion, most likely the thickest among the emulsions from Albion and Cosme Decorte, the top two brands offering "emulsion-first" skincare steps.

Albion recommends applying this milk lotion with a cotton pad, right after cleansing, as well as others from Albion.

It felt very thick when applied onto the skin, but absorbed easier than I expected it would without any heavy feeling. It feels very moisturizing and after it's completely absorbed, my skin felt quite supple and smooth, which really impressed me. I've actually tried all emulsions from Albion except the Ex-Vie one and this Embeage milk is definitely the best.

Albion Excia Embeage Lotion is a clear liquid with a rich texture that almost feels like a serum. It feels very moisturizing and leaves a bit of a sticky residue but it absorbs well into my skin after I gently pat it in. This lotion provides adequate hydration to my poor dehydrated skin leaving it soft and radiant. However I think it's important to soften the skin with the milk before you apply this lotion.

Albion Excia Embeage Dionectar is a luxurious night moisturizer. It's marketed as a serum, but is quite concentrated just like "nectar" and moisturizing that you can use it as a cream, the last step of your skincare routine.

I got this little jar of the cream, it contained 2g of the product which was good for two applications. I tried it two nights in a row.

This oil-based cream is so buttery and literally melts into my skin. Feels like your skin is wrapped with oil and it leaves a super shiny finish that you may hesitate to go to bed with that face. Albion recommends to apply an almond-size amount of the product which is just too much. The cream does spread easily and smoothly and the half amount of it is enough to cover the entire face.

As it felt like it's sitting on top of my face after applied because of the glossy sheen, I was worried that it might trigger acne by oxidation, but my skin looked rather great the next morning. I'm so impressed with how my skin felt supple, plumped and incredibly soft when I washed my face. My pores are less visible than ever before. It's definitely one of the most nourishing moisturizer I've ever tried.

Excia Embeage products have a soft, floral scent that combines jasmine, muguet and tuberose, which I really enjoy. Completely different than Albion Exage, Infinesse and Excia AL products.

I think all of these products do an excellent job at what they're meant to do. Dionectar is my favorite of them but it's quite expensive (27,000 yen for 30g) and maybe I'm a little too young to use it daily. I could use it as a special overnight mask when I suffer from extreme dryness in the winter. My SA recommended me to try the milk first and they launched a whitening version of the milk that contains Tranexamic acid, so I'd love to purchase the full-size bottle of whitening one.

ALBION Excia Embeage skincare is available on Everglow Cosmetics.

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