Review: RAFRA Balm Orange

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I purchased RAFRA Balm Orange after hearing so many people raving about it. It is a balm cleanser but claims to work also as a massage balm, gentle exfoliator and face mask. Actually it was my first time trying a hot cleanser. I never even wanted to try hot cleansers as they seemed to cause dryness by removing all of oils on the skin, but yeah, some friends' words like "that cleanser is worth a try" make me run into the store and grab it.

RAFRA is a Japanese skincare brand that produce sensitive-skin friendly products. Balm Orange, their signature product, is formulated without
- parabens
- alcohol
- mineral oil
- synthetic fragrances
- coloring

It comes in a plastic jar with a mini spatula to scoop up the product. The packaging is quite simple Balm Orange contains two essential oils of compressed sweet orange and bitter orange for a refreshing citrus scent. It is not artificial at all.

This product is available in two sizes of 100g and 200g, and I bought the smaller size.

The orangey clear, Glycerin-based balm looked really delicious when I first opened it.

It is quite solid in the jar and feels very sticky on the skin during application. I have to scoop out more of the balm to avoid rubbing the skin.

Once applied, it starts to warm up and dissolve makeup and impurities. I massage into my face in slow, upward motions for 3 to 4 minutes until it melts to a gel-oil, which I consider long for a cleansing time. It rinses clean, leaving skin soft and smooth without over-drying.

It removes my makeup with ease, however I was using this cleanser only during winter when I was wearing lighter foundation - not that light, just "moisturizing" foundations with lower SPF, and I wonder if this works well also for those summer long-wearing foundations/powders with SPF50.

The 100g jar lasted only a month using almost every night. RAFRA occasionally releases limited-edition versions of this cleanser and I'd love to try them.

You can purchase RAFRA Balm Orange at Everglow Cosmetics.

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