Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret Special Selection

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally decided to bring this box home with me! Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Luxurious Coffret Special Selection 2015 is here. I'm excited to sample them and I thought I'd show you this luxury pieces first.

Every year, Cosme Decorte releases limited-edition skincare set of their most luxury, anti-aging range AQ Meliority for the holiday season. This year it's called Luxurious Coffret Special Selection.

The set includes
AQ Meliority Repair Cleansing Cream 30g
AQ Meliority Repair Foaming Wash 50ml
AQ Meliority Repair Emulsion 75ml
AQ Meliority Repair Lotion 75ml
AQ Meliority Intensive Cream 2.5g
AQ Meliority Intensive Eye Cream 2g

I've tried some samples of the lotion and the emulsion before and liked them, but they are all pricey. (in case you have no idea, the lotion is 20,000 JPY and the emulsion is 30,000 JPY) This LE set retails at 20,000 JPY and it worth 30,000 JPY. Good deal.

The diamond-like packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

Repair Cleansing Cream is one of the bestseller from Cosme Decorte. I've actually been using the full size product of it for a couple weeks and love it so much. I'll be posting a review soon. As one of my friend keeps telling me Repair Foaming Wash is an amazing product for those with sensitive and dry skin like me, I've wanted to test it for a while but they rarely have samples of it in stock at the Cosme Decorte counters. It's a liquid cleanser, and my friend says you feel like you're washing face with rich treatment. Sounds good.

I've tried Repair Emulsion and Repair Lotion sample packets before, and both worked great when my skin is feeling dull and dehydrated. Deeply hydrates the skin, I thought they were a tad too rich when applied, but they never made my skin oily. I'm pretty sure these bottles will help to keep my dry skin smooth, soft and hydrated during cold, dry December.

And yes. A tiny pot of Intensive Cream (aka the 12,0000yen/$1,000 cream) is included in the box. Since I've never used such expensive skincare product, I was a little nervous to even open it. Even though it's really tiny, I'm sure the pot will last for one week. Intensive Eye Cream is new product that is reformulated and released in Nov 21. 

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for myself and I'm going to bring all out to my Christmas trip. Being a skin care addict, I'm always looking for new and better products to try on. Really excited to experience such luxe range.

Have you ever tried Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority? What are your thoughts?

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