Dior Diorama Bag and Lady Dior Patent Wallet Review and Photos

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I thought I'd share some mini reviews on fashion related products, because I am absolutely obsessed with my new bag now and it might be helpful for people who are thinking about purchasing it. I had always been dreaming of a Dior bag but never expected it would be in my hands so early. When I visited Dior at Isetan with my boyfriend (just to check out new products), the SA told me that they would do a price increase in 10 days - 10% for Diorama bags and 5% for other leather goods. So, a week later we were at Dior Ginza boutique to get my first Dior bag.

My Diorama is in medium size, black grained calfskin leather in silver hardware. I'm 158cm (around 5'2) and medium is perfect size for me. It's almost the same size as Chanel medium flap bags and fits everything I need to be in my bag - wallet (even a long wallet can be fit but may feel narrow), mini towel, two lipsticks, compact and key. Also perfect for a nice dinner or a night out.

This magnetic closure is one of the most beautiful parts in Diorama. I really love the cannage pattern.

I also love the pink beige lining! It makes the bag more special. And the adjustable chain has some "CD" engraved on it. So lovely. It's actually lightweight.

The texture of grained calfskin is so luxurious. I think it's much more durable and scratch resistant than Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag in grained white leather I own. I was thinking of getting Diorama in Rose Poudre, pink beige, but black is versatile and looked much more gorgeous.

I also got this pretty Lady Dior patent leather wallet to carry with my Diorama. I don't know what color it's called, but its light pink color and smaller cannage stitches! Just so pretty and it was love at first sight. The SA said this wallet is a new model and they have them only in this light pink, fuchsia pink and navy in Japan.

What makes this wallet more special is the pink "Dior" charms. Usually they have charms only in silver or gold but these have it in the same color as its leather.

Overall, I definitely love these bag and wallet. Diorama is Dior's newest bag that's just released this year and not a classic bag yet, but it's really, really well-made (difficult to tell in words, just go see them in person) and so elegant. I believe it could be a timeless piece like Lady Dior. I highly recommend Diorama if you're looking for something special :)

In case you're wondering, I got my medium Diorama for around 410,000 yen and Lady Dior wallet for around 70,000 yen. Diorama retails at 450,000 yen (tax included) now in Japan. Dior Omotesando and Ginza have widest selection. Dior at Matsuya Ginza doesn't offer any Diorama bags/wallets but have nice selection of other bags and wallets too.

I googled like crazy about Dior bags/wallets before I went to the boutique to get mine but I didn't find a lot of detailed reviews or photos, so I hope this post helps those who are interested in buying Dior.


  1. Yes dear this post helps me a lot!! I want to get a Dior wallet but I wasn't sure of the prices! Sigh! I just came back from Tokyo! :( but didn't manage to get any Dior wallet! :( rly love the pink wallet u got there! :( which store for Dior do u recommend to get in Tokyo? :)

    1. Glad this post helps! Are you planning to come to Tokyo again? I recommend Dior flagship stores in Ginza and Omotesando, because they have the widest selection. I always shop at Dior Ginza, the SAs are all nice, and you can also check Dior at Matsuya Ginza store as it's located a 5 min walk from the Ginza flagship store. Hope you will find a lovely wallet :)

  2. Aww that is the wallet I’m pining :))) And it’s true reallyyyy hard finding Dior reviews. So I would like to ask between Dior patent leather wallet vs YSL lambskin which one has long lasting quality? Thank you so much ! :))


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