Review: ALBION Exage White White Generate

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Every couple of years, Albion reformulates its Exage (Moist) and Exage White skincare range. Some products from Albion Exage White were repackaged and reformulated in this March. I've used the old version of the milk and the cream a few years ago and those were too drying for me, however, I decided to try out the new Exage White because I heard the new formula is more hydrating and much better.

The first item I picked up from the new Exage White is the serum.

Review: IPSA The Time Reset Aqua

Monday, July 4, 2016

IPSA is a Japanese beauty brand owned by Shiseido that develops and offers variety of advanced skincare and makeup products. Metabolizer (also called ME) is the brand's signature product and it's available in 17 varieties for different skin types. I've been enjoying their ME and this Aqua lotion from the Time Reset range for a while now.

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