Review: IPSA The Time Reset Aqua

Monday, July 4, 2016

IPSA is a Japanese beauty brand owned by Shiseido that develops and offers variety of advanced skincare and makeup products. Metabolizer (also called ME) is the brand's signature product and it's available in 17 varieties for different skin types. I've been enjoying their ME and this Aqua lotion from the Time Reset range for a while now.

When I was 20 years old I used to use some skincare products from IPSA. I still remember this unique packaging of The Time Reset Aqua - the bottle is curved in shape, which makes it easier to hold.

IPSA The Time Reset Aqua is a medicated lotion that contains Tranexamic acid, a skin brightening ingredient which also have an effect on reducing inflammation. It was reformulated last year, and the biggest difference between the old and new version is that the new one does not contain alcohol, which is a plus because alcohol can cause drying effects on your skin.

It feels very light on the skin. It is runny, almost like water, but just a bit thicker. I didn't see any brightening effects from this but it does help with hydration. A very basic lotion that hydrates and balances.

This toner would be ideal for all skin types. IPSA's representative product ME is an all-in-one moisturizer, and they recommends to use The Time Reset Aqua only when you feel ME is not enough and need also a separate lotion. However, I find this a pretty good product as it's hard to find an alcohol-free lotion that really does hydrate the skin. Also it's not that expensive.

I will do a review for IPSA ME soon. (too bad my HDD is suddenly broken and most of the pictures I've taken in the past year were lost >< I need to take some again)

You can find IPSA The Time Reset Aqua here:

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