Review: RMK Smoothing Stick

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

RMK Smoothing Stick is a primer for oily T-zone, it's supposed to control excess oils and minimize pores for a visibly smooth surface. You use the product after your usual skin care routine, then apply your usual primer to the entire face.

This stick is a condensed gel and the texture is kind of hard, also it has the slight texture of powder when applied. I guess the powder absorbs oils. The light beige stick looks translucent when you apply it on the skin and adjust with fingers.

I apply it on my nose to blur the look of my open pores, and it works well. Looks like I put a veil on my face and foundation goes on smoothly. But it does not help my makeup last all day, my nose area gets shiny as usual.

I was afraid if it would clog pores but it doesn't. I'm happy with it.

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