Review: SUQQU Pore Purifying Effector N

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's just hard for me to keep my skin clean and flawless during summer. Sun damages and sweat clog pores and it also can cause the skin to break out. So I picked this SUQQU Pore Purifying Effector N in July, now I'm finally reviewing on it.

It's a pore reducing gel that you can use daily. I always struggle with clogged pores around my nose but I never use nose masks, they just make pores much bigger after each use.

It's a thick gel so you can massage smoothly and gently without any irritation. Can be used with dry or wet skin. Suqqu says you can use it everyday, morning and night, but I only use it at the morning when I feel my pores are badly clogged. After cleansing or sometimes as the first item of my morning skincare, I apply it onto the nose area. Then it gives a warming effect on my nose and fingertips while massaging. After 30-sec massage, rinse off with water and follow with my skin care routine.

It does remove impurities gently but surely, without drying skin or feeling sticky. I really like how BB creams/foundations goes on smoothly after using this gel. And as I only use it partially once or twice a week, this bottle lasts forever. I recommend if you have clogged pores or blackheads!

SUQQU Pore Purifying Effector N is now available on

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