Review: Hakuhodo Snow Brush Set

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I've purchased some makeup brushes from Hakuhodo in the past few months and this Snow set is my current favorite. Hakuhodo offers limited-edition brush sets at each stores in Japan, and Snow Set is LE for Christmas that is sold exclusively at Hakuhodo Osaka Takashimaya. I've actually never been there, I called them to send it to me and I received it the next day.

There is 4 brushes in the Snow Set. These are Hakuhodo's popular, basic brushes with special white handle and rose gold ferrule. Although they don't come with any numbers, I heard the blush brush is the same as J110 Blush Brush Round & Flat.

I absolutely love the combination of white and rose gold, and that's why I bought this set. Just so pretty!

All four brushes are made of white goat hair. Goat hair is multi-purpose as it's soft, resilient and durable, works great at creating great color, picking up the desired amount of product. Goat brushes can be used for powder, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow.

I guess the face powder brush is the same one as J531 Powder Brush L Angled. It works well for applying finishing powders with higher coverage, without irritating skin. I had never used angled sharped powder brush but I like it so much. It's easy to apply and blend seamlessly.

Blush brush is J110, Hakuhodo's most-selling blush brush. It's suitable for blending the product seamlessly. I use it with my Tom Ford blush and it just works perfectly.

These two powder brushes are super soft and fluffy. Pictures can't tell how soft they are :(

These two are must-haves! They are basic but great for precise application with any eyeshadows. The larger one works well for diffusing the color into the crease. And the small one works for applying thin, precise lines.

The Snow set also comes with a gold pouch. The pouch and brushes are all made in Japan.

Hakuhodo's basic brush sets are ideal to begin with if you're looking for the high-quality makeup brushes.
Have you tried brush sets from Hakuhodo?


  1. Hope you don't mind if I ask how much is it? It's gorgeous!

    1. Yes the set is gorgeous! I think it was around 18,000 yen (160usd).

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