Review: Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eye Glow Gem in BR380 and GD080

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Eye Glow Gem is a newly launched single eyeshadow from Cosme Decorte AQ MW makeup line. Although this eyeshadow had been out of stock since its launch in April because it became unexpectedly popular, I think they now have all shades in stock. I was lucky to get mine before it went out of stock, I preordered two shades when I tried them at the Cosme Decorte counter before its release.

And these are officially my new favorite single eyeshadows.

I tested all five shades and purchased BR380 and GD080 as a first trial. All are made in Japan.

These eyeshadows are packaged in a sturdy, beautiful plastic pot. They don't come with a plastic cover inside to keep the product from drying out, though. Most (or all) cream eyeshadows can dry up and shrink in the pot, so I actually don't mind.

It has a unique squishy texture. My SA at the Cosme Decorte counter described it as "souffle-like" and I totally agree with it too. It's definitely not a typical powdery texture - it feels buttery soft to the touch. Super smooth to apply and it blends into the skin for a weightless finish. It doesn't dry quickly so it gives enough time to blend the eyeshadow.

BR380 is a deep chocolate brown with gorgeous gold sparkles, and I see very fine multi-colored shimmers as well. The color looks deep in the pot but the pigmentation is not the best that it needs two layers to show up properly on my lids. This shade is the most sparkly of the five.

GD080 is a shimmery quiet gold. It becomes orange-ish in color with multiple layers on the lids. It adds a beautiful sheen to your eyes.

BR380 makes me think of chocolate macaron. lol
Lovely, wearable color.

These eyeshadows are not highly pigmented but buildable. And this wet-looking, "see-through" finish (which is actually hard to photograph :/) that Eye Glow Gem has makes it stand out among other eyeshadows. It's just perfect for my liking. Moreover, highly pigmented eyeshadows are not the trend in Japan.

Cream eyeshadows always crease after a few hours on my lids, but these shadows wear beautifully all day long, don't crease and don't smudge. I'm very impressed with the quality of Eye Glow Gem!

You can purchase Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eye Glow Gem here >

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