Review: Albion Exage White Bright Dew Cream

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's been a while again! Finally my HDD is alive again, which means all the pictures I've taken in the past two years are back! So there are TONS to blog about. Seriously.

After I started using White Generate from Albion Exage White range, I decided to add Bright Dew Cream to my skincare routine. White Generate offers good hydration for a serum, especially a brightening one, but it was sometimes not enough for my dry skin to use as the final step of the routine.

Albion Exage White Bright Dew Cream comes with a plastic spatula in the box. As most products from the Exage White range have reformulated and repackaged in March, this Bright Dew Cream is the new version as well. I have tried the old one like five years ago and it was too drying for me, but after using the new milk, serum and cream, I'm impressed that those are all improved.

This lightweight cream sinks in quickly. It gives a refreshing and little cooling feel to the skin which would be very nice for summer.

This cream contains L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside for skin brightening. L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside is a vitamin C derivative - a powerful agent that makes vitamin C act as an much more convenient and effective ingredient in skincare products. It's said that it promotes collagen growth, helps eliminate dullness and brightens skin tone. However, I used up one jar and didn't notice its brightening benefits.

Also it has a very nice floral scent. I love the Exage products for its fragrance! It's fresh and clean without being overpowering.

It provides non-greasy hydration, but not enough for my dry areas such as the cheeks. I had to apply a lot every time for enough moisture. After I used up this cream, I purchased Albion Infinesse White Repair Intense Cream IA as my next brightening cream to try out. It's actually much more hydrating than Exage White Bright Dew Cream but may be too heavy for oily skin type. I would recommend this Brighte Dew Cream if you're looking for a light brightening moisturizer without spending too much.

You can purchase ALBION Exage White Bright Dew Cream at


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