Review: Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hi everyone! Today I'm back with a review on the much raved Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid. This toner has been receiving many awards and prizes since its launch in September 2015, and it's gained over 1,100 likes and 1,000 reviews with an average rating of 5.5/7 stars on! Currently I'm using my second bottle of this toner so I'd like to share my thoughts on it.

Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid is a hydrating lotion. It claims to replenishes lost moisture instantly and help clarify, plump and hydrate the skin.

Formulated with ingredients such as Loquat Leaf extract and Butcher's Broom Root extract encapsulated in 'liposomes' in time-released manner. Liposome is a 0.1-0.2 microns microcapsule, and it is biologically similar to human's skin and allows to penetrate instantly into the stratum corneum and provides long-lasting moisture.

Loquat Leaf Extract (Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract in the list): Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects
Butcher's Broom Root extract (Ruscusachleatus Root Extract in the list): Reduces edema (water retention) and acts as an anti-inflammatory

The lotion is translucent (almost clear, though) with a light, watery texture that applies and absorbs into skin easily. When I first saw this lotion, I thought it must be too light for my dehydrated skin, and my impression didn't change even after I applied it onto the skin. I followed with moisturizer and went to bed, then I woke up with a softer, smoother, clear skin. I also noticed my skin was very hydrated.

It has a soft floral scent to it. I don't find the scent overpowering, and no alcohol smell - this is important.

The formula is oil-free so it won't cause your pores to further clog with excess oil, also it's paraben-free formula, which is always a plus. It's described as suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, but there is alcohol listed as third ingredient so avoid if you have very sensitive skin.

I love using Liposome Treatment Liquid after softening skin with my favorite emulsion, AQ MW Repair Emulsion ER (reviewed here). Cosme Decorte lotions are designed to be used after emulsion - you apply emulsion as the first step after cleansing - but I'm sure all of them work for just-cleansed skin as well.

There is another effective way for using this toner. I do 'lotion mask' 1-2 times a week with Cosme Decorte Lotion Mask.

It's a set of 14 dried, compressed face sheet masks.

It comes with a mini tray to soak the coin-formed mask in lotion. Pour your favorite lotion onto the tray - you can choose any lotion to do 'lotion mask' with.

The mask is instantly expanded!

Open the mask fully and place it on the face, then leave on for 3-5 minutes.

Yes, this is the same as Japanese Cotton Mask method which does with a cotton pad. I love doing cotton mask too, but coin-formed mask covers the entire face and easy to use than separating cotton pad each time. Also, I've tried some of those coin-formed masks from Shiseido and Muji, yet Cosme Decorte Lotion Mask is the most gentle one and fits my face better. It's made of 100% high-quality natural cotton.

This method consumes a lot of toner but it is effective and I would definitely recommend to try it once.

I admit the price of Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid is certainly very expensive (10,000yen for 170ml/5.7 fl.oz) but I see the result after using up my first bottle and I'd say it's worth the hype, but don't think it's a must-have. If you would like to try, they have released a new middle size which retails at 6,000yen for 100ml/3.3 fl.oz.

You can order Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid at
Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid Middle Size here
Cosme Decorte Lotion Mask here


  1. so this is a toner? like, the first step in my skincare routine?

  2. i want to buy it but im not sure what it is exactly, or which step to use it.

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