Review: SUQQU Designing Color Eyes in 101, 03 and 04

Friday, April 14, 2017

Today I have a review of SUQQU Designing Color Eyes with some swatches. In December 2016, SUQQU announced they would discontinue their top-selling Blend Color Eyeshadow in 2017 and most shades were sold out in just a few days. Then SUQQU has launched new eyeshadow palettes named Designing Color Eyes in January.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is currently available in five shades, two limited-edition shades were released in January and March. After trying all shades at the store, I picked 03 Benimiyabi, 04 Ayanadeshiko, and the limited-edition 101 Sumizakurairo.

I find the new packaging very chic. The bottom side of the case is gold which matches to the packagings of SUQQU Pure Color Blush and Extra Glow Lipstick that were launched in 2016. Compared to Blend Color Eyeshadow in the picture above, we can see Designing Color Eyes is thicker. Not the most travel friendly, but still practical to carry.

Left: SUQQU Designing Color Eyes in 04 Ayanadeshiko
Right: Blend Color Eyeshadow in 13 Akanezora

So I will start with 03 Benimiyabi.

Before seeing these palettes in person at the SUQQU counter, I was surely going to get 01 Yuushakuyaku as it looked the most conservative color among the five shades and I always tend to choose those "easy-to-use" ones when I buy something new. However, the SUQQU SA introduced all five shades showing me swatches, and I ended up bringing 03 home instead of 01.

03 Benimiyabi consists of a red and khaki duo - top left is a light pink beige, bottom left is a warm red, top right is a olive beige and bottom right is a khaki brown. All four shades look very friendly on Asian skin tones and are shimmery while the bottom right is less shimmery.

See how those shades glow? It's incredibly beautiful. This shade is actually very similar to Blend Color Eyeshadow in Ex-32 Rengazome which Suqqu released in fall 2016 but more shimmery when applied on the lids.

04 Ayanadeshiko is the most popular shade among the five permanent palettes as it has been featured on many Japanese beauty magazines and recommended by some famous Japanese makeup artist. This palette consists of a lighter beige, a beige, a pink and a warm burgundy.

The burgundy shade applies as a brown-ish mauve on my skin. When I applied that shade to the outer corner of the eyes my eyelids looked swollen, so I basically use it under eyeliner. I really enjoy the other three shades of the palette, especially the neutral beige tone in top right in the pan works on every skin tone for a sophisticated look.

Finally, here is 101 Sumizakurairo. This limited-edition palette offers a mix of soft colors that blends into a pretty spring eye - a champagne ivory, a cool-toned pink, a light green and a warm brown.

All the shades look much more pretty in person. The combination of pink and green is just so beautiful, they match very well with Suqqu's new blush and lipstick from their Spring collection. I actually had never tried any green eyeshadow but this green in Sumizakurairo contains very subtle gold shimmers which blends nicely on my yellow-ish medium skin tone. However, when it came to blending with the pink, the green became looking very dull. Even some Suqqu SAs say not to layer it on the pink and the brown shades.

The quality of the eyeshadows is excellent, so soft and velvety without being crumbly - it's far superior to anything I've used before. They're more pigmented than you first think they will be, and the lasting power is also quite good. The shades blend together beautifully and give a luminous, almost wet-look finish to the eyes which is something special.

I finally bought Suqqu eyeshadow brushes to use along with Designing Color Eyes. They help me a lot to create a seamless, professional look. Review will be posted soon.

I also picked up 02 Hikaritouka recently, so a review and swatch coming soon :)

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is made in Japan and available at
You can find 101 Sumizakurairo here.

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