Review: SUQQU Moisture Rich Mask and Enrich Foaming Wash

Friday, December 29, 2017

Today I'm writing a review on Suqqu skincare products. As you may know if you've read some posts of this blog, I am a HUGE fan of Suqqu makeup. I picked up these two items which my SA recommended for me when I dropped by the counter.

It's been almost an year since since I started to use Suqqu skincare products. My first product was Moisture Rich Mask. It's a gel mask that you apply right after cleansing. Suqqu SA told me that this face mask is definitely worth a try - I always used to prefer sheet masks as they are simply easy to use, but this Moisture Rich Mask impressed me very much.

The products comes in a 70g tube with a soft, relaxing scent of natural rose.

The gel is quite thick and sticky like concentrated honey. Once it's applied, it starts to melt by the warmth of the skin.

Smooth it over clean, dry skin and then let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a cotton pad soaked in toner or a tissue. I apply onto around the eyes too. After 10 mins, the mask appears to have absorbed into your skin.

After just one treatment, my dehydrated skin felt so soft and smooth. This mask is infused with Pear Juice Ferment Extract and Royal Jelly Extract to help add and retain moisture. You can use the mask everyday, morning and night; SUQQU SA recommends to use it every morning. It helps to restore the moisture balance of skin and creates a better canvas for makeup application. Pores are refined and skin looks clearer after each use, I love it.

SUQQU Moisture Rich Mask is available at my webstore Everglow Cosmetics.

SUQQU Enrich Foaming Wash was another product my SA highly recommended me. Actually I still haven't found my 'best' cleanser yet, this foaming cleanser is one of the good ones though.

I used Daiso foaming net to lather up the cleanser and it lathers decently. It's creamy, fine and feels good on the skin.

Most of Japanese foaming cleansers are 'face washes' and do not remove all your makeup, so is this cleanser as well. So you will have to use this after using makeup remover. This face wash leaves my skin very refreshed and clean, but not dry. It does not irritate my skin.

In my opinion this cleanser is very good during spring and summer but it may be a bit too drying in winter. I find this very 'basic' face wash which I actually think very nice. The only thing I didn't really like was its unique scent. It smells like, grandmother's cosmetics? I guess it's the same fragrance as SUQQU's other cleansing products, but I didn't like it with this cleanser.

As an overall rating, I would give it 4/5 stars.

SUQQU Enrich Foaming Wash is available at my webstore Everglow Cosmetics.

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