Addiction Eyeshadows in Rigoletto and Mariage

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Addiction (Addiction by Ayako) is a Japanese makeup brand that is owned by Kose, all products are directed by a New York-based Japanese makeup artist Ayako. I guess most of you are like "wow those black packaging look like Nars!" Yes, Ayako had worked as the art director for Nars.

I had heard so many good things about Addiction products, especially their eyeshadow, which has been ranked as No.1 eyeshadow for quite a long time on @cosme, Japan's largest beauty community website. So finally here are 2 of top selling shades; it was hard to pick up from 64 shades there.

Small compact. Addiction makes refillable palette compacts that holds 4 eyeshadows or 2 blushes or 2 eyeshadows with 1 blush or 2 eyeshadows with brushes or more... you can choose your favorite shades and make your own palette. Check here if you're interested.

Rigoletto is a peachy beige with very fine shimmers. This shade was featured on a lot of beauty magazines as "best for wet look." Addiction's eyeshadows offer 4 types of the formulation which gives different finishes, and Rigoletto is the Metallic type that contains glossy oil like a lip gloss; it doesn't mean something garish, it is soft-but-gorgeous metallic. On my lid it glows beautifully with warm beige tone and cool-toned shimmers. It looks bronze on the heavy swatch above. I also like the silky texture, it's easy to blend.

Mariage was the most brilliant color among the eyeshadows at the counter, it did catch my eye! It's a champagne beige with silver and champagne glitter. The base shade almost disappears when you apply it on the lid, though. I love that the glitters and the base are so sheer in color so I can use them with any other eyeshadow.
The glitters are so shiny and beautiful. I use it with no primer and it last for 8 hours without any fallout.

Addiction announced they will release the new reformulated Eyeshadows in 99 shades on August 7th. I heard some of the current shades will be discontinued soon. The new range will be coming in clear sleek packaging so you don't need to open the compact to see color. I'm excited for their new colors and to see how much better they get.


  1. Those colors look so beautiful!

    They look like they could be used as highlighters as well :) xx

    1. Yes, Addiction makes beautiful colors with beautiful shimmers/glitters!


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