Elégance Cosmetics Perfect Brow Powder in GR40

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Elégance Cosmetics is a luxury makeup brand by Albion, they're well-known for their gorgeous gold packaging and their best-selling powder, La Poudre. Their brow products are also popular and I've been using the powder and the pencil for quite a while. I'm horrible at doing my brows, it's always hard but this Elégance brow powder gives a beautiful finish effortlessly.

I've never seen such a brilliant brow compact before! So gorgeous, isn't it? 

The Perfect Brow Powder palette consists of 2 powder shadows, one powder shadow for nose and 2 mini brushes. They have 3 shades; medium brown, grayish brown and wine-ish brown. I got the grayish brown shade that has a yellow undertone and matches my skin tone. I usually use the Elégance eyebrow pencil to draw non-existent brow on the outer end of the brow, and then I mix those 2 shades of the palette with a Hakuhodo brush and apply on the whole brow.
The lightest brown on the right side is a light beige shade for nose contouring which I don't actually use. 

A brush for nose contouring and a dual ended brush - angled one for the outer end and the other for the inside end.

As you can see, the lightest shade is very very sheer and a bit chalky to use as a highlighter. The other two shades come out very well, and the powder is incredibly smooth and easy to blend. Also I like that it's hard to remove, it stays on my skin really well throughout the day. 

This brow powder is very good if you want to have natural looking brow ;) I'll be posting a review for my favorite eyebrow brush soon.

Here is my video for the product.

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