ALBION & Cosme Decorte Skin Care Steps

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Today I'd like to write about the unique skin care method that ALBION and Cosme Decorte develop to achieve better results. Their 4-steps skincare has been very popular among Japanese women for years.

Step 1. Cleansing
Most of Japanese cosmetic brands strongly recommend to do "Double-Cleansing". It doesn't mean cleansing your face twice - you use cleansing oil/gel/milk/cream to remove makeup and then use cleansing foam to wash away impurities in two steps. So most Japanese foaming cleansers are not designed to remove makeup. ALBION and Cosme Decorte offer some types of cleanser.

My recommendations
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Step 2. Softening (Milk Lotion / Emulsion)
It might feel weird to apply emulsion right after cleansing. However, this is to prep for the next step - Creates an optimal moisture balance in the stratum corneum to soften the skin first so lotion absorbs more quickly and effectively.

Suggested use: Apply a generous amount of ALBION milk lotions, with a cotton pad. They are designed to thoroughly moisturize not just the surface of the skin but the whole stratum corneum, which can have as many as 10 layers. This is why three pumps (one teaspoonful) of milk lotion are required for each application. Furthermore, the skin's surface is finely grained and covered with pores. Using a cotton pad to apply milk lotion ensures even, efficient delivery of humectants to all corners of the stratum corneum, making the product much more effective than if it were applied with the hands.

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Step 3. Refining (Lotion)
Make sure emulsion is absorbed, then apply lotion to tighten the skin to make it fresh and fine-textured. Lotion is Japanese toner which is not a type of exfoliation, a moisturizing or refining one.

ALBION's signature Skin Conditioner a long-selling skin lotion that has been much loved by many people since debuting in 1974. It refines the skin with a refreshing, pleasant feel of use, and prevents breakouts.
Cosme Decorte's Liposome Treatment Liquid is the world's first multilayered treatment lotion that immediately and effortlessly become one with skin. Quickly absorbs and offers continuous moisture, leaving skin feeling supple and resilient with a fresh vibrance.

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Step 4. Activating (Serum / Moisturizer)
Finish your skin care rountine with moisturizer. ALBION offers serums and creams for step 4 - choose one you like, or serum for day and cream for night.

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Other steps
Both brands of ALBION and Cosme Decorte carry boosting serums to be used as the first step after cleansing.
ALBION Eclafutur helps to repair daily cell damage and restore them to an optimum condition to deliver a beautiful transformation to your skin. It's infused with micro capsules composed of Okinawa Wild Grapes and Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Oil, which deliver vital nutrients deep into the skin. A perfect polymer combining water and oil to deeply nourish skin cells.

Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome Essence has been their top selling for over 20 years. Made with Liposome Technology - multilayered capsules measuring just 0.1 micrometers - immediately and effortlessly become one with skin to promote a healthy, hydrated and radiant condition. Time-released capsule technology ensures deep, lasting, all-day hydration. Apply after cleansing; Moisture Liposome Essence works in synergy with skin to soften and condition while enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

ALBION Herbal Oil is a multipurpose beauty oil that has received a number of cosmetics awards since debuting in 2003. It contains Inca Omega oil which makes skin more resistant to adverse seasonal and environmental effects, also instantly makes skin look more radiant, healthy and vigorous. Herbal Oil also contains first-press jojoba oil obtained from high-quality jojoba seeds. Sometimes referred to as "gold from the dessert," the oil has superior skin affinity and moisturizing properties, protecting the skin from dryness as a result. The light, smooth oil is suitable for use on the body and also hair.

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Thank you for reading. xo

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