Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Cream VT

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This is my first purchase from the Cellgenie range; Cellgenie is Cosme Decorte's early anti-aging skin care range that they launched last year. I'm 25 years old and I thought it might be time for me to start using some 'anti-aging' skin care, and I heard Cellgenit is targeted to woman in mid 20 and above so I bought this moisturizer to see how it would work.

I usually think "anti-aging cream" would be very thick and rich, but this cream is much more soft than I thought. They have 2 kinds of the cream, VT is lightweight and supposed to use in the summer or for those who have oily skin, and LF is rich and for dry skin. Although both of them restore elasticity, LF instantly lifts sagging skin. I have dry to combo skin, but I really liked the softer texture of VT.

The BA at the counter told me it is supposed to be a night cream and not to use it in the morning because it's probably too heavy, but it doesn't feel heavy on my skin even when I applied it in the morning. Btw I was a little amazed that a lady at the Cosme Decorte counter at Matsuya Ginza had an 'English Speaker' plate on the front of her shirt because I had never seen anyone with it before. Seems there are some ladies who speak English at the departments in Ginza since there are so many foreign tourists there. If you plan to purchase Japanese cosmetics when you visit Japan, look for a lady with 'English Speaker' plate :)

Okay, back to the thoughts on the cream. It absorbs quickly, not greasy, not clogging. It does keep my skin hydrated and plump. Personally, I don’t massage it into my face, I pat it then press my hands gently. The scent is a bit strong fresh herbal floral that slightly contains peony and wisteria etc.

For anti-aging power, I don't have any wrinkles or sags on my face yet and I think there is probably a necessary to replace the whole current skin care products to anti-aging to see an immediate result. I believe it's great to try those products for prevention and keep the skin its best, so I will definitely try other Cellgenie products too.

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