Hakuhodo B524 Eyebrow Brush L Angled

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hakuhodo makes the best brushes in the world. Their makeup brushes had always been on my wish list and I finally made it to the flagship store in Omotesando(Aoyama) a few months ago. I think they offer the full range of brushes there, you'll definitely be overwhelmed like I was. When I was there a saleslady helped me the whole time to choose some brushes I wanted. 

I was looking for an eyebrow brush and a powder brush, and the lady picked up two from the basic range because it was the very first time for me to try a Hakuhodo brush.

  B524 is extra wide for a eyebrow brush, which means you can apply powder more efficiently as it covers larger area per brush stroke. At first I was afraid that it would be hard to control so I asked the lady and she gave me a demonstration of how to use it, I was impressed that it gave a beautiful long line with only one stroke. I think the wide brush makes it very helpful in grooming the brow and the hardness of water badger gives precise brush strokes.  It's made of water badger and it might look scratchy, but it's not exactly that hard. The head of the brush is soft but stout.

The medium size handle is available in 4 colors; black, champagne gold, silver and white. I got mine in white, it has glitters in the handle and looks so pretty. Short and long handles are only available in black.

It was really helpful for me that the saleslady suggested me a tutorial for the correct use of the brush, like how to take powder, better to apply with vertical strokes, how to take off the powder etc. Also she said don't wash the brush often, just take off the powder gently after each use to keep it clean.

I love this brush. I'm poor at doing my eyebrows but this brush helps a lot to create a natural looking brow.

I use Elegance Perfect Brow Powder, here's my review for it.

Do you have any favorite brushes? 

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